Privacy Policy

General - continued
2) Legal Requirements – where disclosure of information is ordered by a court or is subpoenaed in relation to third party litigation.

Your personal information will only be used within HbI and by those third parties engaged by us to assist in providing services, information and products to you. HbI does not sell, rent, assign or give your information to any third party. Other than as outlined above we will not knowingly provide information to third parties without your consent.

HbI will exercise diligence and care protecting your personal information.

Information for the supply of goods on credit

HbI may make enquiries (which may include obtaining reports from Credit Reporting Agencies) as to the credit and financial responsibilities of an applicant seeking to open a credit account with HbI. HbI will only use this information in line with our debt collection policies and procedures.

Security of Information
The information collected will be stored and processed on a computer or in written form at our premises in Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia. Security measures are in place to protect the information provided by you. We endeavour to keep our server free from unauthorised access and use by means of physical security at our premises and by using protocols and measures to prevent unauthorised remote access to our server.

However no Internet server nor any data transmitted over the Internet can be assured of security and there is always a risk of unauthorised access to information. Although we will take all reasonable steps to maintain security of information provided, we cannot be held liable for events arising from unauthorised access.

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